The Spattered White Coat

The Spattered White Coat: the events...

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The book is divided into three sections, and within these sections there are many events (chapters).

Before Medical School


Getting into Medical School the Hard Way


Medical School


The First Day of Medical School
Physical Diagnosis - First Attempt
Learning Physical Diagnosis at the VA
The Eye
Bad Blood
So, you know me?
The Elevator Guy
Insensitive Terminology
Subjectivity... Getting Every Disease
Female Examinations
Cook County ER
Learning to Stitch 
The Cowboys
The Guy with the Sword
The Neurologist and the Apple
It's Just a Simple Trip to the Morgue
Dr. Reddy and the Light Bulb
The Medicine Service
The Man with the Ulcer
The Monkey Room
The Spinal Tap and the Bet
The Dean's Letter
The Bleed
Midnight Madness
Leaving the Ground
General Surgery
The Dog Lab
The Yellow Lady
Didn't I Shoot You?
The Stabbing and the Kitchen Knife
The Ritual of Surgery
My First Surgical Case
Women and Surgery
Michael Reese Medical Center
Football Helmets and Bleeding
The Man Who Didn't Have a Left Side
The Girl Who Was Too Smart
Movie Stars
The Surgeon Who Couldn't Cut Straight
Lifting a Man Using Only One Finger
The Seizures and the Song
You Worm!
Mama Mama!
He Was Already Dead!
The Special Film
The AA Meetings
A Couple of Fake Syndromes
Desperation and a Hacksaw Blade
Judy the Cheerleader
The Aneurysm
Neurosurgery Call
Dr. Orville Bailey
The Brain Cutting
Brown Gravy
The VA Hospital and Problems with Heat and Temperatures
Foley Magic
I'm Glad it's Not My Brain
Neurology or Neurosurgery?
My Presumptuous Version of the ‘Model of the Mind’
Match Day
Ice Cubes in the Jockey Shorts
Oil in the Ear
Almost a Fiasco on Graduation Day


Internship: Finally, an Intern!


"Go See the Asshole in Room 7"
The Sling and the Knife
Brown Baggers
The Meat Wagon
The Lady with the Cats
Just in The Nick of Time
The Woman Who Remembered Me
The Man with the Ankle
Falling Asleep in the Conference
The Mouse
The Dream
The Brave Couple
Angel Wings
Edward Newman MD
The Distilled Water
Close the Door!
Social Admission and Breaking Ribs
The Change Will Do Him Good
SHPOS and Angel Dust
The Horror Movie
No Hot Buttered Cookie Dough
Skin Poppers
Getting It on the Side
The Bossy Nurse on 6 Main Reese
Sickle Cell and the Exchange Transfusion
The Women's Board Restaurant and Cheese Blintzes
'Snaking' A Patient In The Middle Of the Night
The Slow X-Ray Clerk
The Scale Incident
Picnic on the Grass
The Drunken Couple
Blood in the Snow
The Cops and Michael Reese
Birthday Candles
The Renal Service
The Junkie Shunt
The Enema Therapist and Kidney Failure
Like a Hole in the Head
The Taxi Driver
The Red Death
The Broken Nose
The Fangs and the Girl with Cancer
Eddie Newman's Party — The End of a Great Year



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